Privacy Policy

Aug 8, 2023

At, we take our audience’s privacy and data protection seriously. Like them, you don’t want anyone to suffer from any kind of breaching, hacking, or identity. To maintain the same, we have outlined this 

Privacy Policy which is inclusive of details about how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal information while you are interacting with our site. Carry this in mind, by accessing, you are agreeing to the approaches clarified in this policy.

We genuinely want you to please take a moment and read this policy thoroughly to reduce any gaps forms understanding between you and us. However, this will maintain and encourage trustworthiness on SoftFind.

Information Collection Via Various Channels and Its Usage

Personal or Non-Personal Information

We would like to inform you that whenever you visit us, we may collect personal or non-personal data or information from you. The personal information is inclusive of your name, email address, contact detail, gender, geographical location, date of birth, and many more. Long story short, the basic information about an individual. Where is non-personal information includes your IP address, browser type, device information, operating system, pages you visited, and other related technical details.

Therefore, we do not force any visitors to submit their details. We only gather your information whenever you subscribe to us or when you sign up for the first time on a site. On the other hand, technical details are taken for website analytics purposes.

Direct Commenting and Communication/Support

We appreciate your efforts towards reading and appreciating each of our blog posts. Likewise, whenever someone chooses to appreciate our hard work and initiate to participate in discussions either by contacting us or by leaving comments below write-ups. We gather your data and include it in our database. Furthermore, the implication of your data Is used to get back to you if you have raised any queries.

Details You Are Require to Provider Us


Our site demands cookies. However, we use cookies. This is done to enhance the overall browsing experience of users. For those who are unaware of what word cookies are? Cookies in short are small text files. These files are stored on your devices. 

We employ these cookies to remember your preferences to cater to our solutions the way you enjoy. But for any reason, you don’t want to share cookies with us, you can modify it from browser settings and disable cookies. Consequently, it may affect certain features of the site for your usage.

Browsing Details

By collecting browsing details, we want to convey that each and every activity on our site is being tracked or recorded. This is possible by advanced technologies. We have included some of them to achieve this. 

By online activities, we mean the way you used the site, shared content type, the type of information you are interested in, topics you preferred to view the most, frequently opened links and many more. Therefore, this information combined is used to build a database of preferences.

Reasons Behind the Collection of Data

  1. Data Security
    As previously mentioned, the safety of our visitors is our foremost priority. To maintain this, we employ industry-standard security measures in order to protect your personal information and safeguard your privacy from breach, unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration.
    Despite all the safety measures, we could not guarantee that the measures we employ are 100% secure because there is no method of data transmission that is entirely secure over the Internet or electronic storage. Hence, we cannot guarantee absolute security.
  2. Website Improvisation
    It is something that helps to boost and lift user experience while interacting with the site. With the gathered details we analyze, evaluate, and implement recent trends. In addition, this data help us to understand the potential errors or improvements that need to be done to enhance the website’s functionality.
  3. Updates to Privacy Policy
    Being the authorized and right full owner of the site, we may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. As an outcome, it will reflect changes in our practices for legal, operational, or regulatory reasons. So, remember, any modifications will be effective upon posting the updated policy on our website.
  4. Let You Know About Marketing Programs
    To engage the visitors we occasionally integrate marketing programs. For that purpose, we utilize your data to share promotional materials, updates, news, newly launched services, and any other hot deals. Believe it, these programs are exceptionally beneficial if you are seeking for a site to get solutions for your queries.

    It is possible that our site might contain third-party links. Please refrain from clicking on it. Do it at your own risk because we could not guarantee that they’re legitimate or not. We are not responsible for their privacy practices and the content of those sites. Anyhow, if you are still interested, kindly go through the policy of sites you visit through our links.

    Children’s Privacy

    SoftFind is not meant for use by individuals under the age of 13. If someone under 13 is excessing our site, we recommend Parental control. In any way, we do not knowingly collect personal data from children. But still, If you are a parent or guardian and believe that your child has delivered us with their personal data then worry not. We recommend contacting us immediately. However, we will take reasonable efforts to terminate the details.